Cortical (cork pads, gaskets) production by Safe Glass

Safe Glass company is a producer of cortical pads.

Cork pads (gaskets)

Cork pads (and other cortical solutions) are used in production, storage and transportation of glass products to protect glass surfaces. They are perfect for stacking and transporting glass, double-glazed windows, glass blocks or glazed window and door elements as well as MDF products.

Cork is an environmentally friendly material. Cork is produced using solid and thick sheets of bark of the cork oak, without visible defects and flaws. Obtained after cutting cork comes to automatic sorting lines. The lower porosity of the cork – the higher its grade.

SafeGlass company uses only European materials that satisfy all quality standards to produce cork pads.

Cortical pad (gaskets) production by SafeGlass:

  • do not leave traces of glue on the product;
  • pads are easy to work with as they are firmly glued, but at the same time can be easily removed;
  • pads have high damping property.

There are several types of cork pads (gaskets) in stock ready for supply:

  • the standard size of 15mm × 15mm × 3mm;
  • the standard size of 18mm × 18mm × 3mm;
  • premium pad wth foam material.

We also produce custom-made cork pads of all sizes.