About SafeGlass

Safe Glass Company was founded in 2004. As the company has been on European market for several years we proved the company as a reliable supplier and manufacturer.

The main aim of Safe Glass Company is to provide customers with quality product in the shortest possible terms. Own production lines ensure the availability of goods in stock at any time. Long-term partnerships with European suppliers of raw materials allow trouble-proof production process.

Safe Glass manufactures products using modern automated equipment. All professional staff involved in the production, have a high level of qualification.

Some facts about the company:

  • The company carries out regular monitoring of the quality of products in the test department.
  • Our young and motivated team makes company a leader of the market.
  • As we want to provide you with the products in time, we are ready to make shipment from our warehouse 24 hours a day.
  • We are aimed to quality and supplying to you in time.

We are ready to offer the best delivery terms!

Our cork pads will save your product,
because Safe Glass is:

Modern automated equipment
Modern automated equipment
High quality product
High quality product
Experienced specialists
Experienced specialists
Delivery in short terms
Delivery in short terms

You can order these types of products:

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